We are a Full-Service  companion animal hospital proud to offer a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic services.  Our modern On-Site Radiology, Laboratory, Diagnostic, Dental, Surgical, and Intensive Care units allow us to practice to the highest standard of care.  All of our equipment is state of the art.  Even our surgery tables and recovery suites are heated so your pets are never cold.  We are also available to see after-hour emergencies.  Please call or come on in for a tour!!


A description of our many services is provided below.  

Wellness Care:  What is Wellness care?  In one word...Prevention!  Early disease detection and prevention are at the heart of wellness care.  And it begins with you at home.  Your observations regarding your pets behavior, appetite and attitude can provide critical clues.  Based on these insights and your pets age, breed, and perceived health, a wellness plan will be designed to give us the best chance to detect, treat and prevent disease in your pet.  Steps to good preventive care may include;

  • Detection of disease via physical exam comprehensive blood and urine tests  and fecal parasite analysis.
  • Prevention of disease via vaccines appropriate to lifestyle and risk, nutrition and obesity counseling, heartworm, flea and tick protection.
  • Designing a personalized Wellness Plan for your pet and monitoring progress at appropriate intervals. 


Bi-annual Wellness Exams:  We have all heard dogs and cats age much faster than humans and this is true.  1 Human year equals 5-7 dog or cat years and with age the gap widens.  This means significant health changes can occur in your pet in a very short time, especially as they age!  The risk of  cancer, obesity, diabetes, arthritis, kidney, thyroid and heart disease all increase with age.  Being Proactive about your pets wellness care is the best way to ensure your pet is healthy and stays healthy!  Wellness exams twice per year (or more often if deemed necessary by your pets medical needs) allow your veterinarian the opportunity to detect disease early in its course and that is an essential part of your pets wellness care!!  


Surgery and Anesthesia:  We offer many surgical services in our state of the art surgical suite including spay and neuters, soft tissue and eye surgery, orthopedic procedures and emergency surgery and triage.  All of our patients are administered personalized anesthetic protocols based on breed, age, health, weight and shape.  A surgical nurse will monitor all of your pets vital parameters from the moment anesthesia begins.  Using sophisticated pet anesthesia equipment we constantly monitor the heart rate and rhythm (EKG), the breathing rate, depth and rhythm,  pulses, oxygen saturation (sP02), blood pressure, and core body temperature.  And rest assured your pet will always be kept warm in surgery and in recovery with our heated surgical tables and recovery suites.  Pain relief begins well before your pet awakens to a warm comfy pain-free heated suite.


Dentistry:   Our dental services include comprehensive oral exams, teeth scaling and polishing, x-rays, extractions, and oral surgery.  For more information on dental disease in dogs and cats please see the link on the main page.


Hospitalization and Intensive Care:  We are well equipped to hospitalize and treat intensive care patients.  We also offer specialty referrals when appropriate. Please feel free to ask us more about this very important topic.


Emergency Care:  We are proud to offer after-hour coverage.  Dr. Cloward worked as an emergency veterinarian for several years in a busy emergency referral practice and although we are not open 24 hours a day we will try to be available for your after-hour emergency needs .  Please call our main telephone number and you will be instructed how to contact Dr. Cloward afterhours.  



Boarding, Bathing and Grooming:  We do offer boarding for all dogs and cats.  In addition, we offer full body clips for all dogs and cats and sedation for those that require it.  These are outpatient procedures and the pets can go home the same day.



Laboratory: Our in-house diagnostic laboratory lets us conduct an “internal physical exam” of our pet patients.  We can obtain comprehensive blood and urine screens and fecal parasite testing in just minutes.  We are also partnered with a veterinary reference laboratory for any of your pets additional specialty needs and results are made available to us within 24 hours.


Pharmacy: Our in-house pharmacy is fully stocked including a wide assortment of antibiotics, pain medicine, flea, tick and heartworm prevention, vitamins and supplements, medicated shampoos as well as a full line of Hills Science Diet to meet your pets every need.  Check out my blog on obesity and nutrition on the main page to learn more about these important topics and the foods we recommend. 


Radiology:  Our on-site radiology suite lets us conduct an “internal  visual exam” of our pet patients aiding in the quick diagnosis of many conditions such as fractured and broken bones, foreign body ingestion, abnormal fluid accumulation in the chest or abdomen, heart and lung abnormalities, kidney, liver and bladder stones, cancer, metastasis, gastric bloat and much more.  These visual assessments help us make a diagnosis and form a patient treatment plan quickly.  


Nutrition:  We our proud to offer a full line of Hills Science Diet.  Also, I am going to be writing a blog on pet nutrition and obesity.  It will be a multi-part series of articles chalk full of information for the pet parent to help make good solid decisions about your pets nutrition and to provide knowledge and advice on correcting and preventing obesity.  The Link to this blog will be found on the main page.  


Pet identification and Microchipping:  The humane Society estimates that 33% of all pets will get lost at some point in their life.  Sadly, only 20% of these pets ever make it back to their family.  Tragically, over 4 million cats and dogs are euthanized every year at the ASPCA.  Ten thousand per day!!  60% of dogs and 70% of cats that enter the ASPCA are euthanized.  It is a crisis!  Please have your loved pet microchipped and help ensure their safe return if they are ever lost.  Microchipping is a quick painless procedure that can be done during any regular visit or as a tech appointment.   You will never regret it! 



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